MA Home Inspector - Massachusetts Home Inspection

Our MA - Massachusetts Home Inspections are performed to the MA Standards of Practice for professional Home Inspector.

A written Home Inspection Report with pictures is provided in a prompt manner evaluating all the systems of the property. If you have any questions regarding the inspection or report we are available for free consultation after an inspection to explain any issues/questions you have. Below are samples of the types of pictures we include in the detailed report.

Massachusetts Home Inspection - Systems Covered
Roofing: The roof inspection observes/evaluates the Roof Covering, Flashing, Roof Trim, Roof Drainage System, Chimney(s), Vent Stack(s), and Skylight(s).
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  • Ground View Home Inspector MA CT RI
Exterior The exterior inspection observes/evaluates the Wall cladding, Entryway doors, windows, deck/porches, balconies, stoops/landings, steps, areaways/window wells , exposed trim, flashings, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, vegetation, grading, and site drainage.
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  • WAVE Home Inspector MA CT RI
  • WAVE Home Inspector MA CT RI
  • WAVE Home Inspector MA CT RI
  • WAVE Home Inspector MA CT RI
  • WAVE Home Inspector MA CT RI
  • WAVE Home Inspector MA CT RI
  • Foundation.
  • Girders, Sills, Floor Joists, Sub Flooring.
  • Columns and posts
  • Roof framing (Rafters, Collar Ties, Tie Beams, Rafter Ties, Trusses, Beams, Other)
  • Sheathing Materials (Boards, Oriented Strand Board, Plywood, Other).
  • Presence/absence of Attic Light
  • Presence/absence of Flooring
  • Electrical service equipment, Distribution panels, Grounding.
  • Exterior and interior electrical receptacles tested for: polarity, grounding, and ground fault protection.
  • Interior wiring.
  • Water Supply Distribution System:
    • Piping materials, including supports and insulation.
    • Fixtures and faucets.
    • Functional Flow.
    • Leaks.
    • Cross Connections.
  • Drain Waste Vent System:
    • Traps; drain, waste, and vent piping.
    • Leaks.
    • Functional drainage.
  • Hot Water System
    • Water heating equipment.
    • Normal Operating Controls.
    • The presence of Automatic Safety Controls.
    • The exterior of the chimneys, thimbles and vents.
Central Heating System
  • Heating equipment
  • Normal operating controls
  • Automatic Safety Controls.
  • Chimneys, thimbles and vents.
  • Solid fuel heating devices.
  • Heating distribution
  • Insulation.
  • Fireplaces
Central A/C System
  • Cooling and Air Handling Equipment
  • Distribution system
  • Insulation on the exposed supply ductwork
  • Condenser and air-handling unit
General Interior Conditions
  • Floors.
  • Walls.
  • Ceilings.
  • Stairways, hand and guard railings.
  • Signs of water penetration.
  • Interior doors.
  • Windows.
Insulation / Ventilation
  • Exposed insulation in unfinished spaces
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Crawlspace Ventilation
  • Bathroom Ventilation